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Business Plans

What are the risks to not backing up your files,
off site?

What if there is a fire, or computer theft?

Is it really safe to rely on a USB flash drive?

How would you feel if your computer suddenly stopped working?

What if it couldn’t be repaired?

Most people take it for granted that the data they had yesterday will still be there in the morning, but what if it wasn’t?

Imagine losing:

  • Customer information
  • emails
  • Drawings and designs
  • Accounts
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Personal photographs
  • and the list goes on…

There is a solution, an automatic live backup of your data, keeping it safe.

At BackupPro we help businesses, we provide:

desktop apps

mobile apps

Automatic backup

Files on the go

Secure Storage

Cloud based storage

Our Business plans

Business Express

Great for small teams

  • 3x PC or Mac User Accounts
  • Tablet & Mobile Backups
  • 2,000 GB of Cloud Storage

£30 / MONTH

Business Standard

Perfect for SMEs

  • 10x PC or Mac User Accounts*
  • Tablet & Mobile Backups
  • 10,000 GB of Cloud Storage

*additional users and storage can be added for a fee

£100/ MONTH

What that means to you

Back up your office computers

All of our monthly plans back up your files

Introducing Livedrive…

We use a tried and trusted system, Livedrive to ensure our customers get the best service in cloud based backup solutions.

Livedrive automatically backs up your photos and documents to our secure UK data centres.

Our Windows and Mac software takes less than a minute to set up and starts backing up your files straight away.

Backup is like a mirror of your computer files, if you add or edit a file, the same will happen on Livedrive.

We keep up to 30 previous versions of edited files, making sure if you accidentally save an unwanted edit you can revert the change quickly.

Work on the go

Access & edit your files anywhere

Livedrive’s Briefcase drive, enables you to easily and securely access and edit your files from anywhere.

You can view and edit your files at work by logging into www.livedrive.com or downloading our software to that computer.

Alternatively you can download and edit files on-the-go with our iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps.

Plus with Briefcase, you can share files with friends and colleagues.


Team folders help the team work remotely

Team folders enable colleagues to work privately together or could enable you to send files to the entire company.

You choose who can view and edit files in each private folder.

Simply restore files

All of our monthly plans let you download backups with ease

If disaster strikes and your computer is stolen, lost or has a hardware failure, Livedrive is here to help.

Simply install our Windows and Mac software onto a new computer and restore your important folders and files.

Plus if you accidentally delete a file or folder on your computer you can download it back from Livedrive.

Military grade cloud security

The security your business deserves

All Livedrive accounts include the strongest available transfer security to make sure your files get safely to our UK data centres.

We have a team of experts who monitor our network 24/7 and have 3 layers of physical access security.

We are SOC2 self-certified and SOX compliant.

Our data centres are ISO 27001 certified and we are fully compliant with EU privacy laws.

Share large files

Forget e-mail attachment size limits

Share your files or folders securely with your colleagues, clients and partners in seconds. No email attachments and no hassle.

Does BackupPro provide Livedrive for your device?

Livedrive’s desktop software works on Windows 7 and above, & Mac OS X 10.10 and above computers.

We also have apps for Apple, Android & Windows mobile devices.

Please note: Mobile backup is not available on Windows phones or RT tablets.